Temperature Sensor

The Temperature Sensor Unit is housed in a choice of either Polycarbonate or GRP enclosure. The enclosure is rated IP67 so there is no chance of water ingress. There are no external wires/ connections on the enclosure so risk of damage is minimal. The actual temperature sensor is connected to a brass plug which is in direct contact with the underside of the rail ensuring accurate temperature measurement. The board is isolated from the enclosure to ensure that there is no danger of the components being damaged due to vibration.

The enclosure is mounted on a PVC clip that will fit all UIC profile rails. Although robust , the Unit should be removed during invasive maintenance procedures such as tamping etc.

Relay Unit

The Relay Unit consists of the following parts:

  • Solar Panel used to recharge the battery
  • ABS IP65 Enclosure that contains:
  • GSM Modem with integrated SIM
    ZigBee 2.4GHz radio receiver
    Rechargeable battery
    LCD Display

The GSM Modem is used to connect to the Web Portal via the public Mobile Phone Network. N.B. There must be Mobile Phone coverage available in the area for the system to work. The GSM Modem connects to the Mobile Phone Network when the unit is powered up and remains connected until the unit is powered down by disconnecting the battery. The battery is recharged using the solar panel mounted at the top of the assembly.

Download the full Technical Specification here.

Download the Summary Datasheet here.

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