System Overview


The system consists of a clip-on Temperature Sensor Unit that clips on to the underside of the rail. The Sensor is in direct contact with the rail for accurate temperature measurement. Mounted on a pole to the side of the track is a Relay Unit that consists of a cellular modem, rechargeable battery and solar panel. The Temperature Sensor communicates with the Relay Unit via ZiBee radio (similar to Bluetooth) so there are no wired connections between the two Units.

Temperature data is sampled once per minute. This information is then transmitted to the Relay Unit once every 30 minutes when not in Alarm Mode. WSMS_Alert_Screenhen the Relay Unit receives information, it sends it directly to the Data Acquisition Application. There are two configurable Alarm Thresholds on the Temperature Sensor: if the Temperature crosses the Threshold, the data is sent to the Relay Unit with no delay.

The Data Acquisition Application saves all data to a database. It also makes supplies the Temperature data for display in the Web Application. When Temperature data is received, it checks whether or not the value is in breach of either Alarm Threshold: if it is, an Alarm Alert SMS Text message is sent to the appropriate Personnel identified for the Unit with the relevant information

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