The Web Application is designed using the latest Microsoft.Net Technology. This allows all authorised Users to view the Temperature data in real time either on a PC or a mobile web-enabled device. The Current Status screen updates the on-screen data every minute so that page refreshes/ reloads are not required. The data is presented in an easy-to-follow, color-coded fashion to make Alarms easy to see. There is also a dedicated Alarms Page that displays all Measurement Points currently in Alarm.


Measurement Points can be maintained by authorised Users: Description/ Location etc. can all be changed directly on the website.

Measure Point List

Edit Measurement Point

When editing a Measurement Point, the list of available Users is also displayed. Users can be assigned to Measurement Points to receive instant SMS Text Messages when a Units crosses an Alarm Threshod. There are two configurable Alarm Thresholds and different Users can be informed based on the Alarm Threshold. For example, the Inspector can be informed of an Alarm 1 condition whereas the Inspector and his Manager can be informed of an Alarm 2 condition.

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